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Application process
Choose the cash withdrawal solution that best suits your needs, fill-in the secure application form and send us plain copy of your passport / ID by e-mail.
Quick confirmation with your order tracking number will be on its way to you through e-mail.
Shortly after sending copy of passport you will receive instructions on authenticating your signature or passport (legalizing / putting Apostille), agreement as well as invoice by e-mail (messages will be PGP encrypted if you provide your public key);
Please pay the invoice, sign the agreement and authenticate required documents. Send the paperwork to us over the post. You will have the all necessary instructions.
The ATM Card and PIN code envelope will be sent to you within two working days upon the receiving of your documents and payment. Courier or registered mail delivery is available on your choice.
Receive card and PIN envelope. Check that PIN envelope is delivered intact and then start funding the card yourself or provide your payers with funding details.
Start using your ATM card.*
Usually such process takes 2-4 weeks. However there are steps you can make shorter:
  • Payment by credit card is almost instant. SWIFT wire transfer takes ~5 days.
  • courier delivery takes 3 days instead of 1-2 weeks if delivered by registered mail.
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