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Offshore ATM card is a unique financial privacy tool, designed for people that never compromise confidentiality of their financial transactions.
provides financial privacy
privacy when using the card;
name of the cardholder does NOT appear in cash dispensers transactions lists;
no further identification when withdrawing cash;
details about your card are not available to the third parties. Records are maintained with bank only;
card transactions are not reported to credit agencies.
easy and secure in use
cash access at 634,700 locations worldwide in the MasterCard/Cirrus network;
card currency is USD and cash could be withdrawn in other currencies at affordable exchange rates of MasterCard Int'l network;
no daily or weekly limits on withdrawal;
no deposit or minimum balance requirements;
easy account funding - card accounts can be funded by wire transfers, checks or bankers' drafts;
easy and secure balance checking - account statements by Internet are free of charge; using password you can request balances by phone directly from personal manager;
your money on the card is protected by PIN code that is known by you only.
private and fast-moving application procedure
electronic application with human error checking;
SSL and PGP encryption;
no references required;
no credit history checked;
clear rules
clear reporting rules;
clear identification requirements;
Offshore ATM card is valid for one year without hidden fees.
stay informed
everybody ordering the CashPrivacy Solutions is provided with free information about financial services used that keeps you up to date in all possible changes.
Getting ATM card is simple. Choose the solution that best suits your needs, and within 2 business days after your online order, documents and payment have been received, the bank will send you complete package including ordered card, PIN code and useful information. offshore ATM cards, offshore banking, offshore banks, cash cards, offshore account, debit cards, offshore debit card, private debit cards, offshore bank account, atm debit cards, private banking, offshore bank, private atm card, offshore accounts, online banking
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