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We try to keep paper work on minimum without compromising your funds safety. Providing your valid ID copies is of your utmost interest - you will be sure the bank keeps identification and in the case you loose the card, nobody else will be able to claim your money. Following documents are required:
authenticated copy of currently valid passport or ID card* / authenticated Signature Specimen Card**. We will instruct you how to authenticate a document in your country (legallize / put an Apostille)
completed and signed card application.
certificate of Registration - original or authenticated copy;
Statutes (Memorandum, Articles, by-laws) - original or authenticated copy;
Power of Attorney (if not nominated in Statutes) - original or authenticated copy;
authenticated copy of currently valid passport or ID card* / Signature Specimen Card**;
completed and signed card application.
*Note: passport copy is preferable. In some cases, other ID maybe be accepted. **Note: in some cases, instead of copy of the passport or ID card, authenticated Signature Specimen Card should be provided. The needed ID document is defined for each individual order, so before notarizing your ID copy it is worth to apply to us for further instructions.  
Yes, that's right. These are very liberal ID requirements, designed especially to protect you, not disturbing your privacy:
  • we do not ask for any banking references. If you are going to place some money offshore, it is not obligatory to let your existing bank know about it;
  • no credit history checked;
  • card transactions are not reported to credit agencies;
  • name of the cardholder does not appear in cash dispensers' transactions lists;
  • no further identification when withdrawing cash, just your card and secret PIN code.
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Additional Information

However you can be still interested in ID question, you may wish to go deeper and ask why there exist any ID requirements at all.
Short answer: "For your protection in case you lose your card or password and should prove to the bank that you are eligible to receive new card to get access to the money that are already on the card account".
If you want to get a detailed answer, you will find it below.
May be you have discovered somebody on Internet offering credit card, debit card, ATM card or bank account without any identification?
We have found a lot.
Also we have a lot of customers who have tried these so-called "fully private" cards and bank accounts. Some of them have lost money, some have been lucky enough to escape this fate but nobody of them wants such cards again. We do not wish you to make the mistakes yourself, so far as you can study by the mistakes of others. If you really want to, see the most common "total anonymity" schemes below.
Generally there are 3 ways how the "total anonymity" is provided:
1) "corporate shield" schemes:
How does it work:
There are special "offshore service providers" (OSP) involved.
An OSP incorporates offshore company, generally in some very cheap offshore jurisdiction.
This offshore company is presented to the bank together with signature card signed by nominee person who acts as a director and even may be not aware about such bank account and ATM cards.
The real person, whom the bank is not able to identify, acts anonymously through Internet banking system, and orders the bank to issue as many cards as necessary for the customers (including you being one of them) who agrees to be involved in such "corporate shield" scheme.
One corporate card is issued to every customer who at the same time stays anonymous. In such a way all the customers are stacked together in one dubious organization affair; their money belongs to the "shield corporation" as soon as it reaches the card account. In some cases there are hundreds or even thousands of customers in one "shield corporation".
The Advantages:
  • You are not asked any ID. Just pay money and receive your card.
The Disadvantages:
  • Legally - you have no customer relationship with the bank. You are not the customer, just the cardholder. Bank will execute no financial instructions. You can just ask for your balance information. The "shield corporation" is the only real customer and the king over all the money. If it asks to transfer money from "your" corporate card to another one - it will be transferred immediately;
  • You may even have no agreement with "shield corporation". You just trust it;
  • Even if you have such an agreement in your hands, just think whom you would better trust your money - the bank which activity is controlled by the banking regulations of a definite country, or some offshore corporation whose real owner you will never know;
  • Sending your money to "your" corporate card, you immediately lose control over it;
  • Customers spend the money of the entire corporation. If one of them has some trouble - everybody risks that corporation's account could be blocked for an uncertain period;
  • There are too many "totally anonymous customers" under one "shield corporation" and it's just the question of time when the trouble occurs.
2) offshore banks with low financial responsibility standards:
How does it work:
There are some jurisdictions where you can get banking license just for some thousand US dollars.
Somebody buys such bank, and the only problem for starting the business of issuing "real anonymous" cards is MasterCard or VISA license.
If the bank is too weak to receive regular member license, it can ask (for money of course) some bigger bank to be its sponsor. Then it receives the participant member license - less license fees and less financial requirements.
Having received the license, the bank starts issuing ATM cards under definite offshore banking regulations.
The Pros:
  • You are not asked for any ID. Just pay money and receive your card;
  • You have agreement with bank that formally bears responsibility for keeping your money.
The Cons:
  • Such banks have very weak banking regulations. These regulations maybe are good on the paper, but there is almost no mechanism how to check these banks in the real life. These banks could easily go bankruptcy, because nobody makes real control over them;
  • If the bank has no ID of customer just imagine the situation when you lose your card, password or some other virtual identification:
    How would you like the bank to act when you claim that money on some ATM card is YOURS?
    A The bank asks you to prove that this is your card and send them your ID documents, indicating the same first name, last name, date of birth, residence address, number of passport or driver's license, etc as in application.
    - You are lucky. Of course if initially you have provided the correct data.
    B The bank immediately gives you a new ATM card.
    - In this case you get a problem, because everybody in the world can say - it's my money, send me another ATM card to withdraw it from the account (your account).
3) ID document of non-existing country or even falsified ID document:
How does it work:
There are a lot of "wise" entrepreneurs issuing passports or driver licenses of non-existing countries, or even falsified ID documents.
The Customer can imagine a name and think up a new signature for this new ID.
The Customer opens bank account or receives ATM card showing this "new" ID document to the bank.
The Pros:  
  • You are not asked for any ID. Just pay money and receive your card.
The Cons:
  • You have agreement between the bank and somebody who does not exist. If any problem appears - you have no possibility to defend yourself legally, because it is as if you do not exist;
  • If the customer uses falsified ID document, this is an action of crime;
  • If the customer is asked for notarization, there is high risk that notary will not accept such "ID document";
  • Earlier or later, the bank gets to know that your document has no legal force, and then it would be impossible for you to claim for your money. In this case money belongs to nobody;
  • Your ID document could expire and you can find no "entrepreneur" to prolong it. Consequence -you won't be given access to your money.
There are plenty of more or less legal and wise means how people try to stay completely anonymous, but all the schemes imply an extremely high risk to lose your money or even be prosecuted.
Cashprivacy does not accept or invent any of the above-mentioned techniques. The only technique that is worth consideration is "corporate shield", established by the customer himself. Then it is the customer who opens the bank account on the name of offshore corporation (instead of private person). The customer buys offshore company himself, and only one person (or some related persons) becomes cardholder, receiving the corporate cards.
It eliminates almost all disadvantages of "corporate shield" scheme. Only the customer himself has the General Power of Attorney giving right to act from the name of the corporation. Of course incorporation of offshore company costs some money (starting from 600 US dollars), but if you need such a shield, just send us a message. Our colleagues will professionally assist you with it.
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If you are interested in offshore incorporation, you can do it also on your own. No matter which way you are going to incorporate your offshore company, you should consider the jurisdiction that is the most beneficial for you. There are a lot of web sites describing offshore incorporation principles.
Offshore Incorporation site is one of them. Having thoroughly analysed pros and cons, you will bw able to find the most suitable for you. You should take into account the factors concerning the structure and objectives of your offshore company, main of which are the following:
  • the optimal terms for establishing a company,
  • confidentiality level you require,
  • the amount of registered capital as well as its repayment requirements,
  • the annual costs which are affordable,
  • whether you are going to make use of double taxation treaties,
  • whether you are going to use nominee services,
  • whether you are going to issue bearer shares.
One of the most popular offshore jurisdictions is the British Virgin Islands or simply the BVI. More than 700,000 International Business Companies have been incorporated there and each year more than 50,000 new IBCs are formed. The BVI is dependent from the UK, however it is self-governed. The BVI is a Caribbean region offshore jurisdiction.
Another tax haven that should be taken into account is the Seychelles - fast growing offshore jurisdiction in the Indian Ocean. It has a very aggressive marketing, its offshore legislation is very customer-oriented and incorporation of the offshore IBC in the Seychelles takes some hours. It also has many double taxation treaties. Seychelles IBC perhaps is the fastest growing offshore instrument in the market now.
Belize offshore company is a low-cost alternative if you are looking for Caribbean offshore jurisdiction. At some extent it is similar to the BVI IBC. Belize International Business Company is exempt from income tax, from taxes on all dividends and on all interests, on capital gains on shares, debt obligations or other securities.
One of the main questions after choosing the offshore jurisdiction is choosing the right resident agent who will be "your man at the site". This is the company that will provide you with the registered address in the country of incorporation as well as organize the incorporation procedure itself. Many offshore agents provide also the nominee services, however sometimes it is favourable to use the nominee services from other jurisdictions.

Learn more on CashPrivacy customized solutions - that will give you easy access to the cash offshore, have a look at product description and solutions guide.
Also don't miss the list of more than 20 substantial benefits you will get along with Cashprivacy products.
If you want to discuss more questions on identification please feel free to ask real people at CashPrivacy. Our professional staff will answer you shortly.
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