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offshore banking, offshore account, cash cards, atm cards, offshore accounts, offshore banks, offshore debit cards, atm debit cards, private debit cards, debit card, private debit card, private debit card, offshore debit card
CashPrivacy offers you an effective solution for offshore cash withdrawal - offshore ATM card that is easy and secure to apply, fund and withdraw the cash.
Offshore ATM card is a unique financial tool, worked out, created and designed exactly to keep the confidentiality of your financial transactions:
No one accidentally having the card will understand who is the real owner of it. The card bears no name of the cardholder or any other personal ID details. This is the only way, how the real protection can be carried out.
For cash withdrawals, just remember your PIN code and enter it correctly in any bank machine worldwide having Cirrus logo. Finding the nearest cash machine shouldn't make a problem, because there are 634,700 such ATM's in 119 countries worldwide.
Funding procedure is also easy and private - by international SWIFT transfer or by check. You can fund your card yourself or provide your payer with payment details. These are just few out of 21 substantial benefit(s) you will enjoy when using offshore ATM card with CashPrivacy. For complete list, please visit the Benefits page.
You could ask, how it is possible? CashPrivacy uses the most powerful technologies available to protect your financial privacy. There are number of special ATM cards, designed to make safe your personal and business financial affairs. Whether you're looking for offshore banking tools, or reduced costs on cash withdrawal, or any other advantages, you'll find it all at CashPrivacy. Our cash management system is carefully worked out, and our services are really secure.
Let's have a look how CashPrivacy solutions make life easy and protect you:
1st case:
You are going to sell something on eBay Internet auction.
but - you do not have the bank account where to receive the payment.
or even having the bank account, you still worry about privacy.
ATM card from CashPrivacy is the solution:
  1. You provide the buyer with card account number where to transfer money.
  2. The buyer transfers funds to your account by International wire transfer.
  3. You take the money in nearest Cirrus network ATM. Be sure that there is such ATM near to you, because this network covers 119 countries and consists of more than 600,000 machines.
Sell with confidence!
Order your ATM card Now!
Another example touches your personal affairs and comfort of your life and life of your children. That is why it is so persuasive for most people.
2nd case:
Your kid is going to college in London. You want him to have ready access to cash for any emergencies. You give him the plastic ATM Card that makes it possible for him to withdraw cash in local currency. You place the spending limits when funding the card. The card can be used anywhere in the world to access the cash, in any of the over 600,000 Automatic Teller Machines worldwide. No identity cards need to be shown. No one but you can find out where the money is, or how much is on the account backing this card. If the card is lost or stolen, no one else can use it because it is activated only by a secret PIN code.
Whenever you wish you may raise the amount. The ATM card from CashPrivacy makes it easy to supply a dependent, friend, child, no matter where he is, with a weekly, monthly or annual allowance. You can also give an ATM card to an employee to cover his expenses when you send him abroad. It is a plastic "smart" card where the person setting it up decides how much money to "back" the card with, and whether to replenish the funds or not.
Provide your child, friend or employee with confidential cash supply!
Order your ATM card Now!
How about the real offshore example?
3rd case
If you are buying some service overseas on the regular basis, in this case the speed of financial settlement is very important. You order for your business partner an ATM card from CashPrivacy, and fund it every time when you should make a payment. Then call the payee and say he can walk to the nearest ATM to take the cash. Be sure there will be such ATM around the corner, because there are more than 600,000 ATM's covering 119 countries all over the world.
Set up a smart technique of occasional or regular payments, designed specially for your needs.
Order your ATM card Now!
Next example is the most popular one. Many people go offshore for this reason, for this is the main aim of placing your cash there.
4th case:
You do not want anybody to know about your hard-earned money. Unfortunately there are many ways how to get the money out of person if somebody knows the person has it: ungenerous lawsuits, blackmailing and many other. You probably know also some of these ways. Being in full vigor or having quiet old days, nobody wants to be disturbed by such problems. If you have placed your money in the bank account across the street, there is high risk somebody could know about your savings. The further account is located, the safer it will be. The furthest account is the
offshore bank account. The bank account you will have along with the ATM card from CashPrivacy is the offshore account held with European bank. This bank makes no reporting untill customer doesn't violates the law. The account is unapproachable for anybody except you. Go to the nearest ATM and take the cash you need for that moment. Nobody's going to know nothing about its amount.
No problems. Order your ATM card Now!
Interested how people get the Internet commissions on ATM cards hassle free? See the next example.
5th case:
You are active Internet entrepreneur. You participate in different affiliate programs, you are participating in multi level marketing structures, and there are many payments you should receive. These payments are sent by check, or you are asked for bank account. Check processing takes time, but you need some fast, convenient and modern technology to receive your cash.
There is nothing simpler and faster than ATM card from CashPrivacy to receive such payments instantly. Provide each payer with your account number and name and walk to the nearest ATM for the cash. Each month you will receive account report or you can check it securily by Internet. You can also call to the bank and say your password to find out the balance and brief report on your transactions.
Don't waste your time and money!
Order your ATM card Now!
Need more examples? Or maybe you need help how to choose the your solution?
6th case:
You are moving to (or already living in) a country full of grasping, corrupted public officials who can be relied upon to tax, confiscate, seize and freeze everything in sight. There are many others around who might cause you some trouble if they know you have access to large sums of money. Meanwhile, your only wish is to be able to access a few hundred dollars in cash spending money every few days in a low profile way.
Get an ATM card from CashPrivacy and for the rest of your life you have access to cash anywhere in your home country or abroad - quite privately. You go up to an Automatic Teller Machine, insert the card, press buttons asking for the screen to print out in your language and spew out the cash you want. You identify yourself only by PIN code. No signature or identity documents are ever required for cash withdrawals, you remain unknown. You don't need to "trust" anyone.
You deserve freedom of your actions and privacy of your decisions!
Order your ATM card Now!
In CashPrivacy, we believe that every applicant is unique, with his personal financial needs. That's why we present each CashPrivacy applicant with several customized offers based on their unique profile.
There are many ways how to open the offshore bank account. CashPrivacy is only one solution.  
Having chosen the right solution you will get maximum benefits. Next paragraphs will help you make the right choice.
Choosing the right solution
CashPrivacy offers three ATM card products with competitive cash withdrawal fee as low as 1.5% or 2.0% and application processing fee $200, $320 or $500.
All the three cards work in the same way, the system how they act is quite similar. However, each of the cards matches a particular demands of a concrete situation, for this they also have substantial differences in parameters.
top    cases  1  2    calculator   
If you are going to receive some irregular payment for total amount less then $10,000 a year.
Typical cases:
- selling some items on Internet auction;
- getting occasional or small commissions;
- getting allowance from somebody afar.
In such cases the most important criteria is the initial cost of solution and the "Small Cash" solution fits most.
   - small cash withdrawals up to $2,000 per month;
   - application processing fee: $200;
   - ATM cash withdrawal fee: 2.0% (min. $3);
   - renewal processing fee: $200 (paid upon expiry).
Apply for CashPrivacy Small Cash solution - offshore private Cirrus ATM card ::: Best tool for tax planning - tax savings strategy, anonymity, security and reliability.

Save $120 on card issuance fee! Apply NOW!
top    cases  4  5  6    calculator   
If you are going to receive regular payments and withdraw higher cash volumes, withdrawal fee makes more importance than startup costs.
Typical cases:
- you have some employees working in other countries and you need to pay them;
- selling some product without physical contact with buyer (software, consultation or advertising space over the Internet) and needing to get money fast and secure;
- receiving MLM or other regular commission payments from several sources or in high volumes.
If the total amount of payments you are going to receive does not exceed $ 10,000 per month, the "Medium Cash" solution is your choice.
   - medium cash withdrawals ($2,000 - $10,000 per month);
   - application processing fee: $320;
   - ATM cash withdrawal fee: 1.5% (min. $3);
   - renewal processing fee: $320 (paid upon expiry).
Apply for CashPrivacy Small Cash solution - offshore private Cirrus ATM card ::: Best tool for tax planning - tax savings strategy, anonymity, security and reliability.

Get the lowest cash withdrawal fee (1.5%)!
Apply NOW!
The break-even point is $24,000 of cash per year. Then 0.5% difference in cash withdrawing fee will save you $60 you are paying for card issuing now.
top    cases  3  5    calculator   
However, if there exists even the lowest possibility of active cash withdrawal - that is, more than ten thousand in some month, it is worth while to take the "More Cash" solution.
Typical cases:
- you have a substantial deal and you wish to settle up confidentially with your business partner on it;
- you sell some high volume offshore programming project with most amount of settlement scheduled at the completion.
For such situation you need a special ATM card.
   - more cash withdrawals (more than $10,000 per month);
   - application processing fee: $500;
   - ATM cash withdrawal fee: 1.5% (min. $3);
   - renewal processing fee: $500 (paid upon expiry).
Apply for CashPrivacy Small Cash solution - offshore private Cirrus ATM card ::: Best tool for tax planning - tax savings strategy, anonymity, security and reliability.

Receive special card! Apply NOW!
Still not sure which solution brings you the greatest benefit? Please use the CashPrivacy calculator and get the right answer:
CashPrivacy Solution Calculator:
What is the value of your financial privacy. Probably you agree it is not the matter of money. But there is also something you can buy for money - some well-tried financial tools that will protect you privacy.
Here, on CashPrivacy you can get ATM card account for $200, $320 or $500, depending on the solution you choose. Without any hidden fees!
Click here to apply for your ATM card now! Just fill out a simple one-page online application, and we'll guide you through the application process, which is fast indeed. Proceed >>
Need additional information to adjust your decision? Then you shouldn't miss the benefit section! You will not find such a comprehensive list of substantial financial privacy benefits anywhere else on the net. The first benefit out of 22: "Anonymity . . ." offshore banking, offshore banks, offshore bank account, offshore account, debit cards, offshore debit card, private debit cards, atm debit cards, private banking, offshore bank account, private atm card, offshore card account, secure online banking

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