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Secure your Cash
Remember that cash withdrawal transactions can not be authorized without your secret Personal Identification Number (PIN code). When receiving ATM card and PIN code envelope verify if PIN code envelope is delivered intact. This envelope is generated automatically and nobody (even bank employee) should know this number. If you have doubts that somebody has opened this envelope before you, do not fund the card and report this incident to the bank.
Secure your Privacy
Please do not keep your PIN code together with no name ATM card. The best is to remember this PIN code and not to keep it with you. If somebody has stolen your card and PIN code, like with any other credit card, there is some time to withdraw money before you have reported theft to card issuing bank. When receiving your no name ATM card, you will be instructed how to act in such situation to protect your money. Please read these instructions and take the 24-hour telephone number with you. Again, please do not keep this number together with the card, because card could be lost together with this number.
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